Prof. Yarin Gal

Yarin is an Associate Professor of Machine Learning at the Computer Science department at University of Oxford, Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science at Christ Church, Oxford and part-time fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Prior to taking his position at Oxford he was a Research Fellow in Computer Science at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. He obtained his PhD from the Cambridge machine learning group, working with Zoubin Ghahramani and funded by the Google Europe Doctoral Fellowship. Prior to that he studied Computer Science at Oxford for a Master’s degree under the supervision of Phil Blunsom.

Research Interests

Yarin’s interests lie in the fields of linguistics, applied maths, and computer science. Most of his work is motivated by problems found at the intersections of these fields. In his current research he develops Bayesian techniques for deep learning, with applications to reinforcement learning. In the past he has worked on Bayesian modelling, approximate inference, and natural language processing. This work included Bayesian nonparametrics, Gaussian processes, inference algorithms for big data, and work on machine translation.