Innovative Finance for Social Good in the Data Economy

Start - 23/05/2016 :

Venue: The Alan Turing Institute

Data has been described as ‘the new oil’ and has played a crucial role in the broader transformation of the commercial world by recent technological developments. But the explosion of value that has been unleashed comes with its own set of social challenges. Moreover, large sections of global society have yet to experience the benefits brought by these transformations. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an objective assessment of the feasibility of schemes, financed by stakeholders in data-intensive industries, that address these inequities. Along with the Institute’s resident expertise in data processing, the workshop will convene representatives of leading companies in data-intensive sectors including analytics, advertising, retail, finance, and social media to identify the challenges and opportunities for socially beneficial innovative finance mechanisms in the data economy.


Brent Mittestadt (Oxford), Helen Margetts (Oxford) and Vili Lehdonvirta (Oxford)

Attendance is by invite only.

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